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recess: duck duck goose


I hated this game growing up. Sitting on the floor in a circle, looking at each other, trying to figure out who is going to get picked. Meanwhile, this bozo has walked around and hit everyone on top of the head, TWICE! His ass can’t make up his mind who he wants to choose as goose.

Well this action packed game translates into adulthood as well. Only this time, he knows who he wants to choose — he just doesn’t know what to do with her once he’s yelled, “Goose!” We’ve all experienced it. Don’t deny it.

Oh yes, it is he I speak of.

Mr. Indecisive. Or Mr. Indy for short.

He’s cute, he’s funny, he’s charming, and if his options were sink or swim, his limbs would fall off from treading water for so long.

You don’t even want to think about how long it took for him to decide rather or not he should ask for your number.

Unknowingly, you pass on your information excited about your new potential. That is until he calls…

Instead of, “Hey babygirl, if you’re not doing anything Friday night, I’d like to take you to the movies.” With Mr. Indy you get, text messages back and forth for about 30 minutes, then a phone call an hour later, commenting on a funny text or asking how your date went — all the while, he’s stalling.
Stalling because he’s:
a) trying to decide if he really wants to take you out
b) trying to decide how he will ask you out
and most importantly
c) trying to decide what his answer will be when you respond “Well what did you have in mind?”

And that’s the worst. Cause with Mr. Indy it’s always, “Whatever you like.” A la Coming to America.

Stop the madness! Ladies, you have the power! The next time this happens, why don’t you “innocently” rush off the phone. (Say you need to hurry and get the lint out of the lint trap before it builds up.) But just before you hang up say, “Hey just give me a call tomorrow with the time, date, & place and I’ll work it into my calendar.”


If he’s into you, he’ll make some decisions, schedule a date, and you’ll be sharing  appetizers by the weekend.

If he doesn’t follow directions, he doesn’t want to date you.

Don’t believe it? That’s fine. You still have options.
If you enable Mr. Indy you will:
a) be so frustrated by the third date (that, by the way, YOU planned) that you won’t even like him anymore
b) be a sitting duck waiting on him to make up his mind (pun intended)
c) Both A & B

I think we all know the answer to this one.


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will you marry me?


It seems like when women reach “twenty something” they are expected to get married, have kids, and oh yeah, nowadays, maintain a career.

Why is this not the same for men? What is the “secret age” for men? Guess what?

There’s not one. Why you ask? Because we live in a patriarchal society that caters to the almighty male and perpetuates double standards. I could go on…..but I’m not. I want to keep SOME of my male friends.

Anyways, my complaint is this. As a woman barely in her twenties , I feel the pressure often from family and friends to “settle down”. Ugh! Settle down to what? And why? I guess for 2.5 kids and a white picket fence. I’ll pass. Maybe when I’m 30ish.

(Sidenote: Men what is your first thought when you meet a 35 year old, single woman? Yea…….Exactly.)

Anyways…..Is it wrong to think that I can “settle down” later in life? Isn’t that what most men think? And who says I WANT to settle down? Having to answer to someone, for THE REST OF YOUR NATURAL BORN LIFE….. Sounds scary. Plus, what ever happened to good ol’ cohabitation.(Okay, I’m pushing it.)

Afraid of commitment? Perhaps. But at least I’m admitting it.

Besides, from most of what I’ve seen, not too many prospects. Maybe things will change. Not likely. Maybe I’ll be less picky. Not likely.

Hmmmmm, I sound pessismistic. Or perhaps realistic? You be the judge.

But before you count me as another Angry Black Woman, know this: I am NOT angry!  I LOVE Black Men.  I’m not upset nor bitter. (Perhaps a little distrusting, but who isn’t?) I feel there are prospects out there…somewhere. Just not on my level.

I mean, I’m just saying…

Am I wrong? What are your thoughts?

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