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recess: freeze tag

Let’s face it.

Men, and some women, are simple. Simple as the days of elementary school. And what better way to highlight these simpletons than in our newest category: recess.

Play at your own risk.

Keep running Keysha! Just keep on running!

Not It!

We just live our lives running. Well, some of us. Like a game of freeze tag, we run around, avoiding getting tagged frozen, tagging our friends so they’re unfrozen, and in some cases, trying to find a safe base.

As with any game – some of us are better players than others. As it relates to dating – some of us are better players than others. It’s a game. And it’s a helluva lot of fun. At least as long as we are “not it”. Enjoying life, answering to self, and not having to justify that impulsive shopping spree last month is only the tip of the iceberg. Not to mention the fact of not feeling one bit guilty about double booking Friday night – James for early evening eats and Brandon for late night libations.

Then there are some of us who practically can’t wait to be frozen. Those who feel everyone who is “not it” needs to make damn sure they don’t die alone. At least that’s was they say. Yet, once frozen, their faces plead with us to unfreeze them so they are free to run around with the rest of us.

Dating is a game. It should be played with enthusiasm and excitement. It should played until it is perfected and an ultimate player is determined. Stop trying to get to the end of the game, hoping to “win.” Stop rushing friends to hurry up and stop playing the game if they are having fun playing it. Thing is, if we don’t want to catch or be caught then we’ll just keep running.

If we’re too fast for the “It” in freeze tag, we’ll never be frozen. And if we are never frozen, we will be the last one running.

Which will make us “It”. And now we are in charge.

So we play the game all over again. Determined to tag the one we won’t be able to freeze.

Crazy ain’t it?

Not It.


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missing in action

Hey loyal readers! I know I’ve been MIA, Life has been crazy! Besides moving across the country, I’ve took on a couple of other projects and kind of bit off more than I can chew.

Enough of that. I’m back. Let’s get this thing crackin’!

SIDEBAR: Yea, I changed up the theme of the page. Taking a minimalistic approach.


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