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i didn’t know you were THAT hungry?!?!

Have you ever told someone you were a certain way when it came to certain things and they were like, “That’s cool, I have NO problems with that.”

Then later, it becomes a problem. Leaving you pissed! Mainly because you told them upfront how you were and now you’re left confused on why this is now an issue.

Exhibit A. Leroy and Lashay.

Lashay: So what do you do in your spare time?

Leroy: I play Madden mostly. Like everyday. Do you like PS2? Is that an issue for you? Cause it’s pretty much the reason me and my last girl broke up.

Lashay: Not at all! I LOVE Madden! I’ll play with you everyday if you want!

(Leroy thinks he’s met his match until…)


Leroy: So you wanna come over and play Madden?

Lashay: All we do is play Madden! Don’t you ever wanna watch a DVD? Or play a board game? Or even just sit in a room and talk?! NO! I am not a Madden Machine! I just can’t keep playing Madden everyday! Hell, if I play too much Madden, I’ll lose interest! Yadda… Yadda… Yadda…

Leroy: But I told you from the jump that I played Madden EVERYDAY!

Lashay: Well I didn’t think it was THAT much!

UGH! Lashay, kill yo’ self.

This is the most annoying thing ever! People, when someone tells you the deal UPFRONT, PLEASE BELIEVE THEM! Lashay has now wasted Leroy’s valuable time in which he could have been playing Madden with someone else.

What a waste.

Oh and by the way, ya’ll can now refer to me as Leroy.

A select few of you will know what my Madden is…


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