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the world without television


 Okay, so for the last 6 months in my new apartment, I’ve been TV free.

That’s right folks, my television did a nose dive off a dolly and my show was cancelled.

 At first I was like, “Well, I still have my computer, that’s all I need.” And after a while, I didn’t even miss it.

Only time I remembered I didn’t have one was when people came over and looked blankly at the opened armoire filled with pictures and candles.

But honestly, I don’t miss it. At least I think I don’t. I actually did a few extra things that would have taken an extra month. Such as:

  • Read a few more books that were collecting dust 
  • Finished my personal dry bar (And used it several times!)
  • And actually concentrated on phone conversations that I would normally zone out.

I mean television just rots the brain. Stupid reality shows, Sportscenter, 30 minute sitcoms with oddball families…

I don’t even miss those 30 seconds of pleasure I got from  miniature episodes of pure comical genius commercials.

I did feel somewhat slightly out of touch with pop culture…

I kinda actually miss TV, a little alot.

I think it’s time to pay a visit to Best Buy.


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