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i’m probably gonna get in trouble for this…

Have you ever walked into a room and seen the hottest man you have ever seen and possibly will ever see in your life?

It’s like everything else around you is out of focus and moves in slow motion.

Then you smile.

Then he smiles.

And at that point you are thinking how to give him your number without coming off too aggressive and what a great lay you hope he will be. And how nothing will stand in your way down the path to sensual seduction… (I’m gonna take my tiiiimmmmme… LOL)

Suddenly, everything comes into focus and things are in rapid motion again.

And you see her.

Some girl giving you a look like you grabbed the last Coach bag from the outlet mall’s doorbuster special.


But wait, is he wearing a ring?


Fair game right? So your mind wonders if your sheets are clean and did you finish the last of that bottle of wine…

Well maybe that’s just me.

But most of you wonder if its still possible to somehow slip him your number by the end of the night.


So here’s my words of wisdom to all the ladies with eye candy for boyfriends…


If other ladies are checking your man out, THAT’S A GOOD THING! Don’t sit there and suck your teeth eyeing me all night long. Do you feel threatened?

Oh so now some of yall feel attacked? Well let me help you.

The next time you catch Googly Eyed Chick eyeing your man at a group social event, walk over. Introduce yourself, strike up convo, then talk about how cute your boo is. Then tell Miss Googly Eyed that how he’s a great guy and whatnot, but you wish he was better in bed. Basically tell him how small his equipment is and how you would rather get a root canal with no anethesia than let him lick on your lolly.

Telling her how much he sucks in the sack will turn off her imagination and decrease the chances of her slipping your man the digits.

Not feeling that bold? Well you need to get some confidence and bury the jealous hatchet.

I’m just sayin’.


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