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emme v. vegas tourists


Can I just start off this blog with a ROLL OF THE EYE?

Okay, I feel better now, let’s begin.

I had a friend and her friend in town this weekend, so you know what that means.

Time to walk the endless strip. I guess it’s decent exercise though. Which means random tourists left and right. This doesn’t have to be a bad thing. There are plenty of cuties on the strip.

The problem is thier M-O.

Observe the following text-versation that took place with a RAG (Random Ass Guy) the next day, after I rudely told him I wasn’t going to visit him in his room on the night before. [NOTE: His horrible spelling and punctuation was corrected for the sake of this entry.]

Me: Sorry I was brash last night. Lol. I have my reasons. You leave today. Have a safe trip back!

RAG: I leave Monday.

Me: Oh well I know about a couple spots tonight, so I’ll keep you posted if you’re interested.

RAG: Ok will I be on a wild goose chase with you or should I focus on something else?

Me: What do you mean?

RAG: Tonight, my room after the clubs.

Me: For what? (I love playing dumb, hell it’s the only way you can get the truth sometimes.)

RAG: To read books, what the hell you think pretty lady.

Me: I like to read. Look, I don’t assume so just say what it is you want.

RAG: I want to sex you. All of that you dig.

Me: So it finally comes out. Well that’s nice. Not sure if I’ve ever been asked via text message. Number 1, my brashness was well deserved last night. Number 2, Vegas tourist are all the same, you should all find each other or at least be more original in your approach. Number 3, you’re cute but I don’t know shit about you not even your last name. Number 4, we don’t even know if we have sexual chemistry. I don’t even know if you have the stamina or equipment to handle me. Finally, Number 5, I’m not interested in fucking and sucking something that’s leaving town tomorrow. So if that’s what you call a goose chase, so be it.

Me: Oh Yea. No Offese. Good luck on your Vegas Vagina search, lol. I’m sure it won’t be hard, you just ran across the wrong chick.

RAG: I really don’t know if I should respond to some kind shit like that. I thought I was talking to a woman not a girl playing games. And you stop me I was tryna talk to your fine ass home girl, you not a dime be glad I gave you my number. (Wrong information!)
{insert bursts of insane laughter after reading this}

Me: Ha! She didn’t want you. That’s why I entertained you. And PS, grown ass women tell the truth and that’s what that text was. Kid shit is leading you on or insulting the way you looked, I didn’t do that. You seem offended. I don’t know why. Be thankful you didn’t waste your time.





So then he called once, got ignored. And called again.

I chose to answer and I guess he thought I was gonna listen to him raise his voice at me. LOL. Negative.

“Look dude, I know you didn’t call me to argue. It aint that deep. You want some, I’m not giving. End of story.”

Then he went into this whole contradictory-grave-digging thingy:

I’m in Vegas and you aint the only girl here” vs. “You should get to know me, I’m respectable and obviously I like something about you to even entertain this mess.”

“I aint gotta have sex to have a good trip” vs.I mean if you come to the room and we just let stuff happen, it’s cool.”

“I’m a very affectionate person and you can’t be mad that I wanna touch” vs. “I aint stupid. I KNOW no means no.”


*deep sigh*


Yadda, Yadda, Yadda, 15 minutes later he’s apologizing for saying I wasn’t a dime , and that he was intimidated by me cause I wasn’t smiling, Blah Blah Blah. He thought I was insulting him and felt he needed to shoot back. (Hmmm… kid shit?)

I swear, this is the last time I’m giving my number to a tourist. I need to roll my eyes again.

Is this the product of BET and public schools? Is this what 2008 has in store? Say it aint so… Ya’ll tell me… Sometimes I wish I were making this up.






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  1. That was way to funny what an ass

    Comment by 35% Off..... | March 25, 2008 | Reply

  2. You are killing me!!! LMAO!

    Comment by ~Mika~ | March 26, 2008 | Reply

  3. You can’t make up this Vegas shinagans. PLEASE I beg of you DON’T kick this ishh to the local women we can’t take it 😦 girlllll what’s worst is when the wife finds the cell phone bill or checks his voice messages and calls you… and you’ve done nothing with that negro cause you already know the pretend weekend act of being a single doctor, lawyer, MBA, engineer…etc turns out to a GED, ITT tech dropout who just got on with a 2 day a week garbage route… with 3 baby mamas and 5 kids. Or the drug dealer… I can’t make this ish up either…..

    Comment by tyice | July 2, 2008 | Reply

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