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ramblings of a black man in love with black women who are in love with themselves. . .

All of our lives we have continued to be reminded that love is an abstract term that many people have tossed aside as something that could never in a thousand years be described with any other word than that itself.  Real, ever evolving, true, unconditional love, however, will never be understood by the ordinary man until it is thought of as being concrete, that which CAN be touched or even picked up by any of the five senses. How can this be?  When we are able to find that one true other who can personify those feelings we have come to know as love will we know what love truly is.  It is a celebration of the stimulation of all of the senses of man.  It is when her very smell causes arousal in various ways (keepin it PG-13).  It is when she touches you, all other things in your mind cease to exist for that one very moment.  It is when she speaks, the mind as well as the ear are attentive, hanging on to her every word.  It can be every time you have had the opportunity to look upon her face, you do so with that of pure astonishment and you look at her like she just left beauty shop and spa every time she walks into a room, even at 5 AM with rollers in her hair and morning breath.  It is with a kiss that tastes like nothing to ever come from a kitchen.  It is then when she can be truly loved in the way she deserves.  It is only then when the words true love may be used.  It is this love that has been the beginning of wars, of deceit, of life long commitments, and of dreams and fairy tales.  It is this love that I search for in hopes of a life full of happiness.  It is this love that makes a man willing to put it all on the line.  The possibility for real true love is one that for me outweighs any doubts that may arrive.  Big risks yield BIG rewards they say.  So as for me, I know not what course others may take, but a life without love is a life not worth living and I will take that risk each every time.  I don’t know who or where that one love may take me, but I do know that through all of the obstacles and negative possibilities that exist to my happiness, I will continue to search diligently for my equal, my partner, my lover, my one.  I don’t know where my career path may take me.  I do know that when I find a love worth holding on to I will do just that.  One thing you may take from this is that when I find her (Love) I will go where I have to, I will do what I have to, to keep that love intact.  I don’t know what the future holds for me, but I do know what I want for me, for her whoever she may be, for my family.  If she turns out to be the person I think she is, we will be seeing a lot of each other.  I asked God to send me the One, but unfortunately, I didn’t tell him when nor did I specify which one.  Sometimes he sends us the wrong One so we will know THE one when we see it.  Sometimes I just sit here and think about stuff like this.  Consider this and some of my poetry that I am posting a brief glimpse into my mind.  I am normally a private person, but people always ask who I am.  Some of you out there in myspace know, but some of you out there THINK you know . . . some of you don’t know at all.  Who knows, maybe I will write all this down someday, but for now I am content with searching, striving, learning, and yearning to be free. . . . maybe I will share that one too one day soon. . . .


Ramblings of a black man in love with black women who are in love with themselves. . .


February 17, 2008 - Posted by | relationship crap

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  1. justICE, that was quite possibly the best description of what love is that I’ve ever read. It seems as though you created this piece from your emotions, rather than from a themed poem that seems to happen these days. Not to mention its good seeting a an articulate brother convey his feelings (We seem to not want to be so open with them sometimes…) Well said brotha, well said!

    Good day and GO HOGS!!!

    ps: You still SLAW in spades! lol

    Comment by Jasper | February 18, 2008 | Reply

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