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 Okay, so for the last 6 months in my new apartment, I’ve been TV free.

That’s right folks, my television did a nose dive off a dolly and my show was cancelled.

 At first I was like, “Well, I still have my computer, that’s all I need.” And after a while, I didn’t even miss it.

Only time I remembered I didn’t have one was when people came over and looked blankly at the opened armoire filled with pictures and candles.

But honestly, I don’t miss it. At least I think I don’t. I actually did a few extra things that would have taken an extra month. Such as:

  • Read a few more books that were collecting dust 
  • Finished my personal dry bar (And used it several times!)
  • And actually concentrated on phone conversations that I would normally zone out.

I mean television just rots the brain. Stupid reality shows, Sportscenter, 30 minute sitcoms with oddball families…

I don’t even miss those 30 seconds of pleasure I got from  miniature episodes of pure comical genius commercials.

I did feel somewhat slightly out of touch with pop culture…

I kinda actually miss TV, a little alot.

I think it’s time to pay a visit to Best Buy.


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  1. I totally empathize with your post and agree that many more productive things could (and probably should) be done with one’s spare time. However, one does oontemplate what one might be missing without a tv:
    1) All of the political debates and updates from, by far, the most historic presidential campaign in history.
    2) Shows only enjoyed by the truly intelligent/bored/completely weird individuals such as, “Mythbusters”, “Dirty Jobs”, and “How did they do that” just to name a few.
    3) People couldn’t get their share of the wonderful (and when I say wonderful, I mean LAME) softcore porn that comes on SKIN-a-max late nights. (LMAO)

    And finally…
    4) What would we do to keep us from doing things that we REALLY SHOULD be doing?

    I, too, went through a TV-less (well, cable-less anyway. Close enough…) phase before I moved from Fayetteville. Needless to say, I also enticed my brain from hours upon hours of reading and from browsing the internet for various, random (yet, relevant) facts. And I became very familiar with my personal movie collection. The length of time spent without my tv was a little invigorating, because I thought I would lose my mind without it. But, I didn’t. But as soon as I got in front of a tv, I was glued to it. So, to conclude (THIS THESIS, lol!), it’s good to live without a tv, just as long as you don’t know what your missing…

    Good day and GO HOGS!!!

    ps: I like Sportscenter! (when I say like, I mean I’m addicted…)

    Comment by Jasper | February 17, 2008 | Reply

  2. LOL @ Skin-A-Max!


    And I should have known you were a Mythbusters type of guy. 😉

    Comment by kindasortafamous | February 17, 2008 | Reply

  3. It’s true, TV is overrated 😦

    With a ton of websites popping up that offer everything on TV at anytime for free(like peekvid) it’s only a matter of time before most people just watch everything online – even though some of these sites get shutdown and find a way back up(like peekvid).

    I myself often forget the television exists until it’s time to hook up the Playstation to whoop some ass.

    Comment by SD | February 17, 2008 | Reply

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