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my night with eric

Ahhhhhhh….. Is really all that I could say to explain the BEST.ROADTRIP.EVER! It’s amazing how 50 bucks, a rental car, and the enthusiasm of three girls can be the formula of some much needed away time. Therapy was needed after a couple of weeks of dissapointment, discouragement, and death.

So we loaded up and headed to LA to hear the most awesomest male singer/songwriter that lives. Mr. Eric Roberson. And after he performed two songs and introduced Victor so and so, I’d lost my voice from yelling “ENCORE!”

I think I felt a tear roll down my face as I sang along.

Then came the scary part… and opportunity to meet him! I was literally frozen stiff when the suggestion was made that we introduce ourselves.

“Noooooooo!!! I have no idea what to say! How about you go talk to him and I follow you?”

And so it went. My head was spinning, I was about to faint, and just then as I shook his hand, I blurted, “I LOVE YOU!”

I know… pitiful right?

My gal pals made sure I didn’t live that down with all the teasing that took place afterwards. 🙂  I mean, I DO Love him. Or should I say his music? Unless of course, he loves me, which is close to impossible since he doesn’t know me. But if he knew me, I’m pretty sure he’d love me… 🙂

Enough of the rambling, after what seemed like an eternity we actually got to take a picture with the object of my affection. (Thanks lady from Texas who took the pic and emailed it to us! You are so awesome!) I thought I was gonna melt!

Of course nothing ever seems insane until you try to explain it to someone else, or in my case, the ex.

Jay: You did what?!?! BUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! That was a true groupie move! Who is he anyways? And who is that hot girl in the picture? The one with the big hair in the background?

He’s such an ass.

Anyways, the night ended with us reliving the whole experience and how glad we were that we made the much needed trip. Oh and there were jokes of “sweet nectar” but ummmm… I really can’t get into that. LOL.

So Eric if you’re reading this, I’m the crazed fan that blurted my deep yearning affection in an awkward and stalkerish way. (Oh, and I love your blog! In a non-stalker kinda way…)

I’m really not crazy. I was at a loss for words. I’m sure you know the effect you have on women everywhere. LOL. No seriously. 😉

Thanks Eric for your songs of love, pain, joy, and life.

Thanks Mommy for reminding me that life is about living.

Thanks Ros and Ty for being the two absolute best chics for a spontaneous road trip! I needed that! We must do it again soon!


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  1. No diss the chick in the BACKground with the big hair but DAMN Jay, seriously?!?! As for the usually talkative, friendly, and ROWDY blogger who was SPEECHLESS, she really was, speechless and couldn’t move her legs, the man was less than 3 feet away!?!? That there was enough to clown, but you forgot mention that you wouldn’t STOP talking about the experience to anyone, as in ANYONE that would listen! and that he “hugged” you 3 times….
    That indeed an awesome weekend of making memories and LAUGHS… thanks girl from Texas this flick is an instant classic!

    Comment by Tyice | July 5, 2008 | Reply

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