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the at least factor


So I was listening to the Steve Harvey Show this morning and a chic wrote in the Strawberry 23 Letters about her “boyfriend” of 1.5 years or so.

Basically, dude is slippin and is doing “just enough” to remain in a relationship with her.

Instead of moving on,  she relies on the At Least Factor…

  • at least he got a job
  • at least he got a car
  • at least he’s good in the bedroom

Steve Harvey did a great job breaking it down for the chic. Hell, he even gave me a few points causing me to hit the ceiling of my car! (Something I do when I get excited in the car, lol.)

But what sparked this entry was the At Least Factor.

I mean think about it, how often do we say, “Well AT LEAST, he/she ___________.”

Wack. Cause the truth of the matter is if they didn’t have a car we’d be all, “Well AT LEAST he got a ten-speed and good legs.” And if no bike, well AT LEAST etc. etc.

But, I mean AT LEAST he’s trying to see you on his own and not asking you to pick him up. Hell, maybe he’s Going Green.

When we say “at least” are we settling? Or are we looking at the bright side?

Half empty or half full?

Maybe we should all just make a pros and cons list for the potentials we meet. Only problem is, when the cons list gets longer, and it will, we would sit there. Looking all crunchy.

And then what, you ask?

We’d get our pen…

Go to the pros side of the paper…

And start writing our AT LEASTS.



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why i need you (black woman)


It’s the syncopation of our adoption by a nation, whose revolution turned out to be dissolution, leaving us disillusioned and searching for an explanation for the perpetuation and continuation of the degradation and miseducation of a people.


Separation caused by the continuation of lamentations over our situation and the dissatisfaction with the misinterpretations of who we are and will be tomorrow.  It’s the systematic yet seemingly automatic static we get from the supposedly democratic processes of a “free” . . . nation.


Admiration. . . for your ascension high above expectations despite the temptations of

A population full of indiscretion.  Adulation for your exaltation of the one true living God and your promotion of pro-action, not re-action, which will lead to the Conversion of factions into one institution for His satisfaction.


Solutions. . . Our legacy will be our unification, free of frustrations, for future generations, a demonstration of how a relationship should be.  A combination that can relate, equate, and communicate with each other at a higher elevation and at the foundation, made of stone.  The extermination of the most sacred culmination has led to the necessitation for introspection.


Innovation . . .The initiation of the infiltration of a monumental, not temperamental, affiliation will lead to domination and to the prevention of the fragmentation of our community, leading to the substitution of progression in place of recession.  It’s not infatuation, but an infection of adoration, the exploration and inspection of the potential of our devotion to each other and to the salvation of a people nearing extinction.





We need you black women. . . we need you to help us to overcome. . . not just for our existence, but for our people.  If we don’t come together, we will surely be defeated and assimilated and forgotten about. . . This wasn’t written to any one in particular. . . just a wake up call. . . we in this thang together. . . we gotta work together. . . You are the only one that can understand me and what I go through on a daily basis as we understand your struggles.  Together, we can make things happen, facilitate change. . . it starts at the most foundational levels though. . . our relationships with each other. . . we can’t possibly hope to ge other races of people to respect us if we have lost it for one another. . .  Despite everything I have been through (sometimes thangs don’t work out) and BECAUSE of it all (thanks mom) . . . I still love you all. . . And I won’t give up. . .

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