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imma buy you a draaaannnnnnnk! part deux

Okay… so let me giive ya’ll an update…

I ended up getting a date out of the deal. Complete with Dinner, Drinks and Dancing! And it wasn’t Dutch! 😆 So I look at my 11.25 as an investment!

PLUS…. After the 3 D’s I taught him how to play at the craps table.

AND… my luck was still in effect cause I walked away with a cool $300. YES! That’s like a 3000% return on my investment! 😆 Now I can get my windows tinted, pay my electric bill, and get a couch! 😆

Sooooo…….. if I never would have bought his drink, I never would have got the digits, and we never would have went out, and I never would have won $300!

So let this be a lesson to all (Niya and Seneca 😆 ) buy that man a drink!

If only he actually LIVED here. *sigh*


October 1, 2007 - Posted by | the dating game

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