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my long ass kanye west graduation review


Okay so there I was, September 10th @ 10:30pm PST in front of my computer screen. It said my pre-order of Graduation was ready to download. YES! For 9.99 I FINALLY get to here another KanYe Klassic!

So let me go ahead and give yall my KanYe review. Now I’m no musicologist knowing artist sample’s and rythmics and what have you. But, I know what I like so here goes…

(PS. I posted a rendition of this on a couple of other blogs in case it looks familiar.)

I’m gonna leave off the obvious 5 Starers (Yes, I said starers!) STRONGER, CAN’T TELL ME NOTHIN’ and GOOD LIFE are my jams! It’s obvious everyone can relate too, which is why they are so popular. So let’s move onto the meat of this graduation sandwich.

CHAMPION – I really like this one alot! And what makes it better is that it’s not too long cause that sample can get annoying if it were too long. I like the way he answers the question, “Did you realize that you are a champion?”

FLASHING LIGHTS – First and Foremost, I LOVE DWELE! Thanks for puttin me on Jamaal! So basically, when you add two of my favs YOU GOT A HIT! Shout out to my Lil Bro for making me the ringtone! It almost sounds like one part of Timberlake’s “MY LOVE” (listen to them back to back) at any rate WHO IS HE TALKING ABOUT IN THIS SONG? LIKE WHICH CHIC? I gotta know! I wish Dwele woulda sang a little more though.

“In my past, you on the other side of the glass
Of my memory’s museum,
I’m just saying, Hey Mona Lisa,
come home you know you can’t Rome without Caesar”

Yea.. this is my jam!

EVERYTHING I AM – ‘Damn, here we go again…’ That’s my favorite part. Prolly cause this is what I think in my head whenever “ol boy” calls my phone. LOL. But anyways, I think I could blend this track into a neo-soul mix and it wouldn’t miss a beat. Well, except when he does that awkward record scratch close to the end. I think it would been tight had it ended at “That’s enough Mr. West no more today”.

BIG BROTHER – Okay so at first listen I was like hunh? I mean the first verse I was like “Dang he is really jockin Jay.” Then I was like, “Wait, did Jay-Z die?” Cause you know, this is one of those songs. Then I kept listening. And by second verse I was like, “Oh but wait, he is telling his story. Ok.” And I thought about something somebody told me when I was on line, ‘You should give people their flowers before they die.’ Then I’ll be damned if he said that in the third verse! So that was my AHA! moment! I really like this song now!

HOMECOMING – OK. I AM SO SLOW! I did not know this song was about Chicago until after 5th listen! This song makes me wish I was from the Chi. LOL. Can somebody do a song like this about Little Rock? The closest we had was that one song, “Da, Da Rock, Da da DA ROCK!” Dang, who sang that? Maybe we can Evanescence and Playa Mone to do a colab?

GLORY – At first I didn’t like this one.Well, I didn’t like the chorus. But after 28947321408734 listens, I like it. I like the verses better though.

“When you meet me in person what does it feel like
I know, i know i look better in real life
I hear people compare themselves to BIG alot
You know BIG and Pac, you know to get it hot
I guess after i live I wanna be compared to BIG
Anyone Big Pun Big L or Noturious
Fit in
Get money and stunt and stay glorious
And im’a start killin’ these ni**a’s as soon as the chorus hit”


BITTERSWEET POETRY – This is my jam! Hence why I named my last blog after it. At least it applied.But this song is sooo true! I listen to this one over and over!

GOOD MORNING/NIGHT – Why do I play GOOD MORNING everytime I wake up in the morning? Dang, I wished we coulda played this at our graduation. This was another song that didn’t get alot of play like at first but it grew on me. GOOD NIGHT has not grown on me, yet. I’ll let you know in a couple weeks.

Now let’s talk about what I don’t like.

I WONDER – I’m not feeling this one. Like not at all. I can’t understand the lyrics for the music. At first I was like this is kinda wack. So I really focused on the lyrics. And I LIKE them. I just thing the music is distracting. Maybe I should play it in my car…

BARRY BONDS – The thing I like the most on this track is when he clears his throat. Plus, I’m over Lil Wayne, not sure why, I just am. Pretty sure I’m the only one in America who is though.

Last and most definitely least, DRUNK AND HOT GIRLS! – Ye, Imma hurt you for this one. Really, I think I’m more offended than anything. I don’t appreciate you telling about my weekends on this track. For some reason every guy I know that has heard it likes it though… Hmmmmmmmmmmm…

Overall, this is a GREAT album. I kinda wish I woulda bought the physical album cause my other Mr. West CDs are lonely. Then again, I tried to put in College Dropout today, and it was so scratched my CD player just laughed at me. 🙂


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